Paris Sharing

A community of like-minded travelers and hosts


You, and people like you

Whether a traveler or a host, you have some important things in common.

You are open to the world, interested in other cultures and people, and like to go off the beaten path. You may even hold to an optimistic belief that we can change the world by the way we visit it.

You are also savvy, looking for smart options that cost you less and offer you more. But you are not reckless, and avoid major risks when you travel, especially since you usually travel with loved ones.

If you identify with the above, then you have come to the right place. You are ready to start building trust through the Paris-Sharing community. These are the people with or to whom you will be renting or exchanging your home. Paris-Sharing is here to provide the means for you to build that trust, even though you may be thousands of kilometers apart. It is our belief that such trust will open up whole new travel possibilities for you.


What is the community and how does it work?

The purpose of the community is to make rental and home exchange transactions between people who don't yet know each other as safe, as reassuring, and as enjoyable as possible. It is a means of finding people with similar professions, activities, and tastes with whom you may be more inclined to rent or exchange your home. Members of the community all must adhere to the Charter, and agree to maintain their good reputation in the community by the way they do business with others.  

The website offers many common social network functions to facilitate the community, such as member profiles with a photo and selected information. These profiles are only available to other members that you have accepted. 

At PariSharing, we believe the community to be the cornerstone of trust, without which you would not likely accept to rent or exchange your home. For that reason, we have gone to great lengths to develop its online features. It is the quality of information you provide that will make the community useful for its members.


How to become a member

To make a reservation, to list your home on our website, or to become a welcomer, we request you to become a member. The first step to membership requires just the most basic identification information. The next step is to fill in your member profile. We have defined this profile to make the experience of renting or exchanging your home more personable and reassuring. Although some of the information is not required, the extent to which you present yourself will increase the level of confidence that you inspire to other members. This includes a personal or family photo.

Your membership profile is only visible to those members that you accept. 


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