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Compared to global community­-sourced accomodation platforms, paris­ offers a curated selection of homes and presents them on the website according to traveler expectations such as Family- style, Romantic touch, Business ­class, and Parisian flair. A locally­based company, paris­ seeks out extraodinary parisian properties that would not otherwise have been available to travelers, such as homes designed by architects or interior designers. 

Press releases (kit : text + images + logo)

Press release - ENGLISH (october 2013)

Press release kit - FRANCAIS (octobre 2013)

Press release kit - CHINESE (october 2013) (简体中文)

Press release kit - CHINESE (october 2013) (繁體中文)


Press releases (text - PDF file)

Press release - ENGLISH (october 2013)

Press release - FRANCAIS (octobre 2013)

Press release - CHINESE (october 2013) (简体中文)

Press release - CHINESE (october 2013) (繁體中文)


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