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Looking for a lifelong souvenir? From our bienvenue to au revoir, we’re here to show you the magic of Paris. Our special blend of local services on-demand will leave you sparkling.


Paris Sharing

Airport transfer

Remember how it feels to have someone who is happy to meet you upon your arrival in a city that is foreign to you ? That's the kind of welcome we'd like you to have with ParisSharing. Welcoming your in your apartment is standard, and we have an airport transfer service available for 95€. This is more expensive than a taxi but will guarantee you a large enough vehicle if you are traveling as a family, and will also avoid you having to wait in line. We don't yet offer drop-off transportation in hot-air baloons.

Deluxe beddings

Deluxe sheets

Do you love ultra-chic sheets? The sensuality of satin on the skin?. Maybe that's why you like five-star hotels? You no longer need to go to a hotel to have what you love. For only 45€, we'll have your bed prepared with French premium sheets.

Gourmet baskets

Gourmet baskets

Paris is the capital of France, a country famous for its regional specialties. You may not get a chance to visit them all while your here, so why not indulge in a gourmet basket that we've specially prepared with authentic regional products? You can enjoy them while here or take some back home with you, including the souvenir basket meant for keep sakes.


Restauant deals

Restaurant discounts

In your ParisSharing apartment, you will save on meals by eating in from time to time, but you can also save when eating out, thanks to our "buy a meal get one free" card. Using this ingenious card developed by our partner, Restopolitain, you can choose from over 166 restaurants all over Paris and book easily online. Reserve your membership card online for only 10€ when you book your a apartment and benefit from an unlimited number of deals during your stay. For example, for a stay of five days with five diners for two at a normal price of 25€/meal, you'll save 125€ !

Mobile phone

Remain reachable

Worried about your operator charging excessive roaming fees? Not even sure if your mobile phone will work in France? Let is relieve your worries by lending you a basic mobile phone with a French SIM card, allowing you to call any number in France, Europe, USA, and many other countries for no extra charge. In most cases, the phone is just for the occasional need, so you won't need much credit. We lend you the phone for 30 Euros, including 30 minutes of calling time and unlimited SMS.

Keep in mind that in your ParisSharing apartment you will also have free wifi and usually a landland for free calls. 

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Guided tours

Paris attracts by far more tourists than any other city in the world, but that's no reason to follow the crowds ! Discover your own, personal Paris with a guided tour tailored to your affinities. ParisSharing can find the right tour guide to suit your interests and your budget. For a simple pre-packaged approached, head on over to and ask for a Paris-Sharing discount.



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