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Paris is always a good idea, according to Audrey Hepburn. Real estate is cyclical, but the number of tourists has never stopped growing, nor is there any compelling reason that it will. What is the best way to capture a share in this market?

ParisSharing is a new breed of accommodation website with more service per click. We also take a novel approach to organizing our community of shared interests. Our strength lies in our unique network of investors, partners, property owners, employees, greeters, and contributors, all of whom participate in and benefit from our creation of value. 

"The ParisSharing concept is transforming urban tourism in the same way that Meetic has transformed dating and Ebay has revolutionized the commerce of consumer goods. If you've been to Paris a hundred times, the ParisSharing experience is reason enough to come back. Airbnb may be fun and a nice bargain, but ParisSharing is enchanting.”

- Inc Magazine, Dec. 2014

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