Paris Sharing

What we stand for, who we serve, and the story behind us

What we stand for

The world is a home we share. When we open our homes, the world opens to us. Your new neighbors are from other lands. Our "sharing" philosophy is to allow others to benefit from your home. Whether it be a primary home or a secondary home, we make this possible through secure vacation rentals, home exchanges, and guestrooms (bed & breakfasts). Some of the most enchanting places to stay are real homes, designed by architects, interior designers, and other enchanting people. These are the places we aim to make available, to make your stay "enchanté". We share HOMES OF JOY. And we do it with a SMILE.

Who we serve

No longer a tourist, you're an adventurer, an explorer, a cultural creative, a social networker, an enchanting person who likes to be treated that way. ParisSharing is a travel partner for you, not for the masses. Our accommodations cater to several vacation styles : Romantic, Business-class, Family-style, and Uniquely Parisian. Because we offer space in a city where it so rare, our value is exceptional for families and groups. Note that new regulations introduced and enforced by the City of Paris since 2014 have led us to restrict our offering to rentals with a one-month minimum stay. Only a very few apartments, all with registration numbers as required, remain available for short-term rentals.

Our Story

Carsten Sprotte founded in 2010. Ever since he left the USA to pursue his vision of art de vivre in France, Carsten desired to bring people and cultures closer together to make for a more harmonious world. The starting point would be sharing French culture, beyond the clichés

With his passion for Paris, Carsten also believed that the best way to experience the city's extraordinary artistic flare was to live in homes that exemplified it.  Hence the slogan: "Stay enchanté"! (enchanted). 

To make this work would require selecting and curating properties and hosts. "It's not just because you own a great property that you are able to provide great hospitality" states Carsten. Which is why ParisSharing came to focus on doing the hospitality job on behalf of owners, except those who love to do it themsleves.

Supported by an internationally diverse team, ParisSharing grew up around this vision to offer over  100 homes for vacation rental and B&B. When new laws were introduced in Paris to severely restrict vacation rentals, Paris-Sharing shifted its focus to stays of 1 to 10 months.